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How To Connect With Your Clients On A Deeper Level & Make More Money In Your Practice

Learn How This Legacy Planning Solution will DOUBLE Your Revenue in 2020

What Can These Tools Help You Accomplish?

The book, Your American Legacy: Powerful Strategies that Instill Lasting Values for Generations, and the companion tools we have created were designed to help both estate planning attorneys and financial advisors accomplish three things:
  • Grow your Revenue by Getting More Clients and Making More Sales
  • Enhance your Skill, Competence & Professionalism
  • Make a Powerful, Positive Impact in the lives of your client families
Our clients want us to connect with them on a deeper level, but most of us are reluctant to open the door to these deeper conversations because connecting on that level can be uncomfortably personal and sometimes a bit scary. We’re also reluctant because we don’t know what to do next after we discover the client’s genuine interest. 

The message these tools convey is unique and compelling. It will have an appeal to audiences who would otherwise have little interest in a presentation on financial products or legal solutions. This book and the companion tools we have created will provide you with a powerful tool kit that will give you the skills, confidence and solutions you need to move your practice to a whole new level—a Legacy Level.  

Why Will These Tools Work So Effectively for You?

This program is unique. It is a marketing program, but it is clearly more than that. It is simple and it will work because:
  • It Bulletproofs You from Commoditization Risk. Both Attorneys and financial advisors are threatened by commoditization. These tools allow both to connect with clients in a way LegalZoom or a robo-advisor never will.
  • It Truly Makes You Unique in Your Marketplace. These tools position you as an attorney or advisor that is committed to meeting the deepest needs of clients—not merely as a supplier of legal documents or financial products. The book works as a “super calling card” that allows you to tell your own story and share the vision for your practice. This tool will immediately establish distinction and credibility in your marketplace.

What Results Can You Expect? 

If you follow the 90-Day Action Plan we will provide you, here is what you can expect:

  • More Work from Existing Clients. Connecting on a legacy level will open the door to new opportunities from existing client relationships
  • Enhance your Value. Connecting with clients about the deeper legacy issues will significantly enhance the value of your work
  • New Client Referrals. Author Russ Alan Prince tells us that a client that is entirely satisfied with the service we provide will only refer new clients to us about 5% of the time. However, Prince goes on to say that when we do everything the clients expect of us—and then do something more than the expected—that referral rate goes up to 85%. Proactively connecting with clients at a legacy level with the tools we will provide you will give you that “something more.” 

What Tools are Included in the Founder’s Offering?

Here is a brief description of what we are providing to Founding Members in our offering:
  • Your Own “Super-Calling-Card”—the book Your American Legacy with Your Own Foreword and your Biography and Photo on the back cover.  In your personal foreword, you can share your own personal and family story, your professional philosophy, your passion for your practice and your vision for your own personal legacy. In most cases, one client engagement will cover your entire investment.
  • Workbook With Your Name & Logo. This workbook is designed to be a follow-up tool to use with clients and prospects to help them self-identify weaknesses in their financial plan and their estate plan—and motivate them to take action. It also provides an engaging roadmap for clients and prospects to explore a broad range of options to begin to proactively create their own legacy journey.
  • Legacy Presentation PowerPoint Workshop Package. This is a series of well-designed presentations of varying length you can use in a wide variety of venues to build your brand and generate referrals. The package includes invitations, speaker’s notes and follow up templates.
  • Private Professional Membership Facebook Page. We are creating this private Facebook page to provide a place where we can easily share our successes and challenges in real time.

Choose A Cover Option of Your Choice For Your Own Personal Foreword

What’s Next?

We are actively developing other tools. As a founder, we hope you will be willing to engage with us about your own experience in using the book and companion tools. Your feedback will help us improve the effectiveness of this offering. Here are some of the things we are currently considering:
  • Legacy Coaching Programs: Based on the feedback we receive from founding members, we would like to develop a coaching program that can be offered in both live and recorded formats. This program would provide a more extensive level of training. It will be provided to founding members at no additional cost. (Coming 2020)
  • American Legacy MasterClass Series: We see this as a continuing series of training programs taught by authors and thought leaders who have achieved distinction and made a difference. (Coming 2020) 
  • The American Legacy Journal—an Automated Monthly Member Branding Newsletter: We envision this as a tool that will allow you to put your own brand in front of your clients, prospects and referral community every month with inspiring content they will actually want to read. You would enter the names of your clients, prospects and referral sources once and we would handle the rest—every month while you’re sleeping. (Coming 2020)
  • ​American Legacy Podcast. There are many more positive things happening than are reported in the media. We will be finding and interviewing individuals who are change agents in their families and communities. The American Legacy Podcast will be designed to deliver a positive message you can share with your clients and referral partners several times every month. (Coming 2020)

Choose A Cover Option of Your Choice For Your Own Personal Foreword

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